July 2, 2019

Hello Dear friends, so much love and compassion has literally been flying all around the world for all the disasters that have been happening to so many people and countries. It is an unprecedented  time we are all experiencing but it is all part of the Earth’s plan. This dear friends is a WAKE UP to deal with those inner troubles you have not let yourself look at, time to take your power back. To all the those suffering , send your Love to all, but do not take it on inside you and worry about something you can’t fix. Can you stop any of these things that are happening , NO, so this is where you let it go with Love, otherwise it is detrimental to you, look to yourself and balance out all your inner secrets and worries and let them go. This enlightens you cellular structure and moves you forward on your Spiritual Path.


You may not realize it , but You are the most important being on this Earth, this is why you are here , having an Earthly experience , the human body being the vehicle for your Eternal Soul, to balance out your life with the knowledge that you know Who You Really Are, a beautiful spiritual being having an Earthly experience, by doing this releasing all your tension and worries and the negativity surrounding each event and understanding why it happened , you have taken big steps in your Pathway to release yourself from the conditionings of this 3rd dimension and this enables you to return to your Real Home, The Source Of All and not be recycled into another life to have your memory wiped once again. Also by doing these things you spread Light which is your way of helping Mother Earth, this you can do.


You are in this present life hold within you your DNA Spiritual Memory, every life you have ever lived, be it on Earth or elsewhere in the many Universes. Earth is only one of the many lives you have lived. Our life on Earth is a very intricate game of you rediscovering Who You Really Are. When you depart from here the Universe reds you , knows exactly your level of knowledge and vibration and you go to that level,but when you are Awake to how this 3rd dimension works you go straight back to the Source, your real home.Earth is the most difficult experiences you will have in your Eternal Life, it is desighed to keep you here with conditionings about everything, It is your Higher Self which guides you here on your Earth journey , you are never alone, it knows when it is time for you to Wake Up to how this Earth Really works. You are behind the 8 ball in many lives until a spark of knowledge sets you on your journey of self discovery. Once you Wake Up to all the falseness here, you cant go back to thinking in the old way. You don’t hold onto grudges and resentments, you choose to deal with problems in an entirely different way, the Spiritual way, staying in your power, bringing Inner peace and happiness and most of all knowledge to yourself. It is a magnificent feeling of self Love.


Remember many of our problems have followed us through many lifetimes because we haven’t dealt with them, now is the time to release them all, Be free of guilt an d worry , be the Real You. Loving thoughts are with you always and remember your thoughts and actions create Your reality, so careful what you think!!.



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