October 2018

September 30, 2018

Hello Dear Friends  


As the year is rapidly passing through it’s cycle, how are you all coping with life as this world of ours experiences so much change. With the climate going crazy , people angry and doing things you would never dream would happen, so much chaos everywhere. The population seems to be more controlled than ever before. Yes be aware of these things, but most importantly of all, do not take it on and be in fear or emotional pain over all of this. You cannot change it. It has to play itself out. This is where you must look within You. Deal with the chaos within yourself, balance out your problems to get yourself  into a place of Inner Peace and Calm. Understand that this is the cycle of Mother Earth and she is ridding herself of all the negativity to ascend to a higher level.


We are seeing so much coming forth in exposure of corrupt officials, governments even in sports. This must be as we do not enter into a New Era with unsolved negative energies. Our transition into this New Era has been proceeding for some time starting in the sixties and has been speeding up ever since and it will get worse before it ends. This is so important for all of us to look within and expel our negativity by dealing with things we don’t want to look at. Do not be in any fear of what is happening as it is all part of the cycle of Earth. See to self first, then you can help others. To help others realize what is happening cannot be if you yourself do not understand the significance of it all.


Always remember You are a beautiful Eternal Being and you cannot be destroyed. Only the physical body which is the vehicle for your Eternal Being in this dimension can be. You have chosen to be here at this time to witness all these extraordinary changes, so make every day the best and happiest for you. Enjoy your life, balance yourself and keep your energies high, stay in your power never be powerless. Most of all never be in fear of all that is happening, it is not all doom and gloom, it is just earth’s cycle playing itself out.


I will leave you with something to ponder.


The thoughts, actions and choices you make in your life are how you create your reality.


Think about those words and always take full responsibility for yourself.


 Always remember   LOVE CONQUERS ALL. 


Love Sylvia.

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