September 2018

September 12, 2018

Hi Dear Friends,


It is now 13 years since I was switched off Life Support with only half % chance of living. So much has happened since I finally came out of hospital. 10 months in all over the 17 months of my ordeal of having my bowel cut during an operation. The massive hole of my abdomen was sewn up and I was Me again. I have written all the happenings in my book - the physical and the spiritual. It took me so long to recover during the 2 years as I was so fragile and weak. I could not help but go over and over all that had happened to me. As hard as it was for me to cope with it physically’, what happened to me spiritually still lives with me as if it all happened to me last night. It is vividly imprinted on my mind.


When I died and when I was in the room with the Council of 9, all in white robes, they showed me my life on a scroll with geometrical symbols that I could understand. They showed me 2 things that I wished to do in this life and said I had the choice of staying or going back. They also said I had balanced out my life and I didn’t have to go back. It was my choice. After they had told me many things about Earth and this world in which we live, I remember looking at those 2 things and knew they were important.  I chose to come back to do them at that time although I could not remember what they were. It was deliberate as they had not happened yet. I would be told when the time was right. It took 2 years before I was told and I was well again. One was looking after my son Greg , who was quite okay then , but had bowel cancer and back troubles. After I came home I have looked after him for 10 years now and he is going to hospital for 2 big back operations so I will be taking care of him there with love and hope he will come out of it all with a bit more life to enjoy.


The other one I wished to do was write my book One Woman’s Miracle which I have done -  so really I am living my life’s purpose. Many people say to me How Do You Do all This ?  Once I was well I just forged ahead.  I am still having lovely spiritual things happen to me and I am happy  with a lovely inner peace knowing all the knowledge I was given in that Council. You dear friends can also do this. Look within yourself and balance out all your black spots you don’t want to look at. Miracles do happen when you Wake Up to who you really are. Your life changes - you can’t think the old way. It is like you become a new you. The joy and bliss of knowing who You Really Are changes every aspect of your life and you know how to deal with everything that comes to you . Remember you are not your body - It is the vehicle for your Eternal Soul in this 3rd dimension, the body dies, you , the Real you does not.

There is a very old saying I found once in a book and it is very apt for all of us today.


In Life I struggle, but in Death I excel


In training for Death I escape from the imprisonment of the dilemma of Life. 


Love and Inner Peace to you all, 


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