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June 30, 2018

Hello My Dear Friends,


There is a wonderful old saying which I will tell you today and it is very significant to all our lives especially now, where we all live in a chaotic world of constant fear and negativity. It is very significant because it shows us all the way how to deal with this without falling into the old way of letting ourselves be drawn into the chaos. This is all planned. Don’t think all this has just happened by itself, the powers that be that I call the old kingdom has control over us and it is up to us all to Wake Up to this fact. Wake Up and shine our Light into the darkness. It lives on negativity, feeds off low energies so that it can keep creating fear to see how many are still asleep to Who They Really Are - a beautiful Eternal Being. When you Wake Up this has no power over You.


Governments are here to govern countries , not our bodies.  TV, newspapers  etc  are all there to tell you a whole heap of propaganda so be aware of that, but do not take it on within you. It is there to keep you in fear. This is all a plan by the one world order or whatever you want to call it, as this is happening world wide so please see the pattern in it all. This is all done to entrap you and keep you in the dark to what is really happening. So please Wake Up to this fact and realise Who You Really Are - a Beautiful Eternal Being having an Earthly experience and look within yourself and remember how powerful you really are. By balancing out all your problems and having inner peace  within, this is how you get out of not having to come back here time after time.


Don’t think you have to save Mother Earth. She  knows how to look after herself. She is a powerful Being. Don’t put all your energies into saving anything but yourself. When you realise these things , that’s when you can help others because all this is planned to take your mind off you so you don’t think about Who You Really Are. It is all a very intricate game they play with us, don’t be drawn into it. That is the most important thing. You are the most important thing in all of this. Your main and only purpose when you chose to do the Earth Experience is to advance your spiritual pathway , everything here is to designed to take away that awareness. That is what this 3rd dimension is all about. When you understand that you can see through the whole charade of this game.


You are not just an insignificant human. You are a beautiful Spiritual Eternal being having an Earthly experience choosing to keep yourself on your pathway of advancement, choosing to balance out any adversity that comes your way that takes away any emotional pain. This is how you become more aware that you are much more than what  you thought you were.  You feel a different person; you think differently to how you used to; you deal with things in a different way. Hey, You are Waking Up . Always remember, look after self first , then you can help others to become aware. This is called Compassion - helping others without detriment to self. Do not take on other people’s problems but give help where you can.


 Now for that wonderful old saying I mentioned at the start.







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