May & June 2018!

May 17, 2018

Hello dear friends,


As you will have noticed, the world is in chaos and sadly things will only get worse until they get better. By that I mean there is something big going to happen as things cannot keep going this way. The main thing to remember is not to be in fear as this whole scenario has to play out as it is all part of Earth’s plan. This has happened to the Earth before and will happen again in the future.


Always remember Who You Really Are - a Beautiful Eternal Being and nothing can happen to that. Things may happen to the Earth, but She can renew herself. You may still be here or not. It is whatever you planned before you came down here to experience everything you wish to each lifetime. You are here in this Illusion of the 3rd dimension playing out the play of your life you planned before you came here. Always remember, an illusion is something that appears Real in a point in time and we are in that point in time in this 3rd dimension. Also, remember that anything in an illusion can be destroyed except one thing and that is your Eternal Conscience which is Eternal.


In your eternalness you have chosen to experience this very intricate dimension as part of your spiritual growth and you came here with your memory of Who You Really Are wiped in each lifetime. Life is a very intricate game of you gradually remembering through your spiritual DNA memory Who You Really Are. As you gain more knowledge of that and advance to where you accept and understand just how things really are on Earth, this is how you can escape from this dimension without a return ticket. Everything here is designed to keep you here. We are conditioned from birth from our environment, religion TV and Media. They only tell you what they are told to say, everything is controlled and manipulated to keep us here, time after time until we Wake Up to this fact. We are told propaganda and the opposite to what we should be.


We are mind controlled to believe things that are not true but as we become more aware to how things really are, we start to Wake Up to how we are manipulated in just about every aspect of our lives. Between the mind controlling, the food, water, air, vaccinations, chaos - all these things  and more lower our energies , keep us in fear to make us forget Who We Really Are. This is where you rise above all this by Waking Up to Who You Really Are and keep your energies high. I cannot stress this enough. It is so important. Do not be in fear of anything that is happening. Be aware ,do not take it on and worry about all that is happening. This is happening to stop you thinking about YOU and Who You Really Are. Enjoy every minute and make the best of life you can. Look to You as you are the only one going on Your journey here - keep gaining knowledge and understanding of how you remove yourself for good from here, not the halfway house we call heaven where you get recycled but to your Real home in the Source from whence we all have come.


May you find Inner Peace for which you are seeking and remember it is All inside of you, just waiting to be set free. Stay in your Power, don’t give way to fear or anyone. Deal with the adversities that come to you in life and balance each one out as that raises your vibrations and knowledge. The only thing we take with us when we depart from here is our knowledge and level of energy- nothing else. Make this your Quest.


Stay in Love and Inner Peace


Love Sylvia

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