June 2017

June 1, 2017

Blog for June 2017


Hello Dear Friends – continuing from May blog

Your sole purpose on Earth is to find out and realize Who You Really Are. I cannot stress this enough as it is so important. By understanding this, you become more aware of what is happening around you. You start to see a different way of looking at life. Be also aware that everything is designed to keep you here. That is why life on Earth and finding out through living our lives, we are battling our way through a really tough assignment. Life is hard, but this is how we learn our most important lessons.


But, you can do it! Others have and so can you. Just remember when we die we don't take our lovely home, car, money and  accumulated treasures with us. They are physical things. We only take our knowledge and understanding and level of energy of what we have learned in this and other life times. We have to love to detach ourselves from everything on this physical plane. I know you immediately think of your loved ones. How do you do that ?  By doing this you let your love ones go to experience their own pathway when the time is right for them to do so. You love them more for you and will not be in fear of losing them. Always remember this doesn't mean you don't see them. This is emotional for if you are in fear for them you can't be in love for them. Love and fear cannot exist in the same point in time and if you are in fear for them then you are not in love.


 You do see your loved ones again after death. I have done it when I had my death experience and it is a most beautiful experience. Remember you are an Eternal Being and so are they. Most have been taught to fear death. There is no death, only a passing on to a different dimension. There is no time in the Universe. Only on Earth we have linear time and when I say we have thousands of lives because we want to have so many experiences then this is like a blink of an eye in Universal time. Here we live in an illusion . An illusion is something that appears real in a point in time and we are in that point in time on Earth. However just think. Everything in an illusion can be destroyed and that means everything on Earth and the Earth itself.


There is one thing that can never be destroyed, and that is your Eternal Consciousness.

Always remember, If you are in fear, you are not in Love.

                                    Love and fear cannot exist in the same time space,

                                    So if you are in fear, you are not in Love,

                                    For Love conquers ALL.


By giving and sharing Love it never diminishes. Love only adds to itself, it never destroys

Fear can destroy

Tenderness and Compassion adds to itself by giving Tenderness and Compassion to others

Compassion is helping others without detriment to self.


Love to all





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