May 2017

May 1, 2017

Hello Dear Friends


To continue from last months blog.

We have our memory wiped of Who We Really Are each time we come back into a new life, a new body in order to deal with things we haven't balanced out in the life just gone or a past life where things were not balanced . These unbalanced energies will follow us in our Spiritual memory DNA, until we deal with them. Remember all must be in balance. If you refuse to look at these issues then it usually leads to manifesting into the physical body. I told you what an intricate game a life on Earth is all about. Everything we are told or conditioned to believe on Earth is meant to keep us in the dark to keep you here . You have to Wake Up !  Let that spark of knowledge show through and make you realize how you are kept conditioned and controlled to believe the wrong things .    I was told in the Council room when I died and was shown my life that everything I had been taught to believe -  I would have to believe the opposite as that is how the powers that be keep control of the population. We are mind controlled by many things , media being the main one. Eventually you get a spark to awaken you , a happening or something someone says or it could be the right time for you to Wake Up and understand what you are really on Earth for. Your purpose on Earth is to totally understand Who You Really Are.


When you Wake Up , WOW , you want to know more and more. You see things more clearly and so much more information comes to you .   This is when you start asking yourself Why Am I Here , What Is My Purpose In Life and most important of all Who Am I. You are enlightening yourself to the magical knowledge that you are not this insignificant human being , but a beautiful , powerful , Eternal Consciousness.


As you gain more knowledge of how this dimension works with the corruption , the lies and how asleep most people are. By keeping your energies high and dealing with whatever adversity hits you without lowering your energies, you can start to gain so much more knowledge and see the light at the end of a dark tunnel. By doing this in your life you will learn the Earth lesson and return to The Source which is  your Real home  with full knowledge and understanding of Who You Really Are .     You have your Spiritual MemoryDNA which goes with you each lifetime you have here on Earth. You are the sum total of every life you have led in this Earthly experience .           


More next blog and remember -  The actions and choices you make in your life is how you create Your reality.             THINK ABOUT THAT !  



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