April 2017

April 3, 2017


Hello Dear Friends


What do you think happens to you when you die?  When you leave your physical vehicle. Most people have their own idea of what will happen. Some think nothing will - that's it, the end. Others think there has to be something out there. They think of how they were raised in what religion -  this all plays a huge part in all our lives and what we have been conditioned to believe.

Some think because they are very religious that this will bring them many rewards when they die. Not so without the understanding of Who They Really Are .


Of course everyone has led a different life, had different things happen to them and we have all made different choices about the adversities in our experiences. Some choices I am sure we wish we hadn't made, but they seemed right at the time. Don't feel guilty about this as this is life - we all do it . We learn from this, and hopefully choose a different way of looking at problems the next time one arises . Believe me while  you are in this Earth experience, adversities will continue to come your way. Stop and think -, deal with these in a different way if the way you have been trying to solve a problem hasn't worked .


Until you Wake Up to Who You Really Are, you will continue to be reincarnated until you learn and most importantly understand what life on Earth is Really all about. Being an Eternal Being, do you think when you die you just hang around heaven all day?. How boring that would become?. You have much to learn over there and to make you ready to come back and deal with things you haven't balanced out in your past life and other lives . Remember the Universe is always in balance -  your body must always be in balance. If you haven't dealt with issues the Universe brings around certain things in your life until you deal with these things and that puts you and the Universe back into balance.


The conditions on Earth do not want you to know Who You Really Are. That is the intricate game of Earth by choosing to do the Earth experience. We have all chosen a very hard school of learning but learn we can. This is where and how we gain our Spiritual rewards.  There is very little taught here about Who We Really Are and that is the intricate game. However there is inbuilt knowledge in our Spiritual DNA that makes itself known when the time is right for us to accept and understand it. Many people are still asleep to this knowledge but their time will come when their time is right to understand. We have chosen to come to Earth to have experiences and how we choose to deal with them. Don’t hang onto emotional pain but choose to balance this experience and let it go from you emotionally. This action brings light and love into our cells by living our life, making the right choices and freeing ourselves of emotional pain in every adversity that comes our way . This is enlightening us on our Spiritual Pathway and most importantly keeps our vibrations high.



When you pass from this life you go to a like vibration of what you have learned and understood  in this life. This is the Universal Law of attraction and that is why it is so important to deal with your emotional issues and balance them out. We are all learning that we are a beautiful Eternal Consciousness and not just a human body having an ordinary life .You are so so much more. The body is the vehicle for our Consciousness in this dimension . It is Not You. Your Consciousness is the Real You. When  you have finished this life, the body dies -, not the Real You .

I will continue this in my next blog.


Remember dear friends


By sharing love, you create more love Sylvia.



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