Be Happy.

February 28, 2017

Hello Dear Friends


This month I would like you to share some very wise words which I completely agree with, I find it so reassuring that so many others have woken up.


Be happy and grateful for what you are , for whatever purpose , for whatever the Creator has put you on Earth. Remember you are here to learn and face challenge after challenge.

After all , life is one big challenge.

To be human is one big challenge.
How you look should not be your priority.

Your physical cocoon is only this.

It is the vehicle for you to make your passage through life and expose you to the mercies of fate. 

Remember also how others judge you in this life may just effect how others will be judges in their next life.

Because, everyone has his turn.


But than again, when your next life comes, if it came to be found that you never accepted yourself, or learned to be happy with whatever your challenge – whether that be your looks or perhaps a handicap, you may face the same challenge again, and again in each following life until accepted and balanced out Remember that !


So finally, in all these preaching words, remember this, your looks are not the things of which others of worth judge you by.

Words of a Wiseman.
Also by the Wiseman.

If you want to succeed in life it must be on your own and only your own.
Instead of climbing on someone else's ladder,

Make your own ladder to climb on.

As you climb upward to success,

If the ladder  begins to crumble with each step you take, this will still make it gratifying to you , because the ladder was built for you alone and doesn't belong to someone else, it also means one more thing

For in life you strive and struggle

But this so call fail can never mean fail , as long as you have tried and never given up.


How true are all these words written in the long past , but still so relevant today 


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