I Wish You All a Very Happy 2017

February 7, 2017

Hello Dear Friends,


With the hussle and bussle of 2016 now in the past, I wish you all a very Happy 2017 and may it bring you all that you desire in your life. Reflecting back ,I had a really rewarding 2016 , with the publishing of my book at InHouse Publishing, receiving a five star review , which was very pleasing and quite a surprise as my book One Woman's Miracle  Everyone's Journey can be quite controversial to some people, but believe me it is all honest truth.   I gave many talks over the year and thank Ocean Reeve for inviting me to join him at some of the libraries . I have also received many emails from people saying how much my book has helped them in their own life , this really touches my heart as that is why I wrote my book , to help others overcome issues in their life .  I wish Ocean and Vicky all the best in their new venture, with their wonderful personalities and go for it attitude , I am sure they will succeed .


With the world in a kind of flux , it seems to be changing in front of our eyes so quickly and nothing seems as stable as it once was , there is a frantic air about things and many cannot seem to handle the energies that bring out some madness of sorts , as we see every night now on the news. I wish to convey to you , be informed of all that is happening , but most important of all , do not take it on and dwell about it , if you can't fix it , leave it . This is the time for you to concentrate and work on you , any issues you haven't dealt with , now is the time to face them .  Stay calm and stay in your power , don't let the troubles of the world interfere with you remembering WHO YOU REALLY ARE , a beautiful consciousness having an earthly experience , never be in fear of what may happen , live every day to the best it can be .


We have had two big catalysts happen recently England leaving  Europe  and Mr Trump becoming President . Sometimes big changes have to happen to change the old ways , even though things may seem quite unstable at first , often these things turn out for the best , let us wait and see.
I wish you all inner peace , joy , good health and happiness for 2017 , which adds up to 10 ,that is a 1.

This means a new start so let's all send our thoughts and love out for that new start to be a wonderful event.                                                             



Love and kind thoughts to all

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