Let's talk about DEATH

November 27, 2016

 Hello Dear Readers,


 Let us ponder and talk about Death.

This word puts fear into so many people just to even think about it.  They think of death as a permanent end to seeing their loved ones ever again. It causes much confusion and like so many things in life, it is not talked about and much superstition surrounds it.

To them it's like the permanent end to life as they see it.  Not so.

Just think - we are born, we live a life, then we die . Is that all there is to it ?  Believe me there is so much more. When you WAKE UP and realize you are Not your body - your human body is the vehicle for your Eternal Consciousness in this dimension.


When you die, the Real you does not.


 All of us here on Earth made a choice to do the Earth Experience and we are here to realize through many lives Who We Really Are - a beautiful Eternal Consciousness having an Earthly experience and to remember Who WE Really Are through these experiences and the choices we make in each life.


These choices give us knowledge to learn. Earth is a school of very hard knocks but eventually we come to understand what this 3rd dimension is really all about. The hard knocks in life are where we can really learn and gain much knowledge about ourselves. 


We learn by having lives in different countries, religions, different cultures and many other diverse things we experience on Earth.

If you were born into a different culture to what you are living today, would you think the same as you think now?. This is where tolerance of other people comes in. We could have been one of them in a different life. Our spiritual memory remembers everything, even though we don't during these different lives. We are in this life the sum total of everything we have experienced in this Earth sojourn.


In between lives you go to a dimension of your understanding and knowledge of what you have experienced in this life you have just left  until eventually you have conquered the learning experience of Earth and can leave without a return ticket and go back to your Real home -  The Source Of All or God as many think of it.


Death is an exquisitely beautiful experience. It is the natural flow of  our human existence as someone who has experienced this very memorable event. I can tell you yes you do see your loved ones again.

I have done it! It was so beautiful so please realize the end of this life is the beginning of another experience whether here or somewhere else .


Always remember that the Real you, your Eternal Consciousness cannot be destroyed.


With love to all


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