The Cycle is Changing

June 10, 2016

I just want you to be aware that Mother Earth is coming to an end of a very long cycle and you will have noticed many changes in the weather, energies and glitches in technology, as well as the madness of so many people. This was all forecast by the Mayan’s thousands of years ago and it is now happening.

The madness is because so many cannot cope with the changing energies (vibrations) of the Earth. As we, the universe and everything around us is all vibrations, it depends how you personally are dealing with this.

This is the time for you to look at yourself and deal with any inbalance within you.

Anything that is a constant worry, a broken relationship etc – these things, unless dealt with and let go, only keep your vibrations very low.

When these changes come your vibrations and awareness are the difference between you being left behind or advancing into the New Earth.

Do not be in fear as this has happened before to the Earth and fear only lowers your vibration.

Live life to the fullest, get rid of any negativity, balance it out and replace it with love.

Remember, you have chosen to be here at this time and whatever happens you will be where you are meant to be.

You must remember also that you have already chosen to ascend or stay so don’t be in fear if you have chosen to stay as everyone will eventually rise to the New Earth. This happens when the time is right for them as everything must happen when the vibrations and time is right for each individual person.

In love and light


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